Time to Celebrate and Enjoy the Surrounding of Your Family

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Unit 1: Individual Project

English Composition 1


Alaina Lett

By: Yvette E. Jackson

A family celebration is a time to celebrate and enjoy the surrounding of your family, enjoying everyone you love and miss. Having a family celebration is filled with pictures and wonderful memories that you will never forget or even want to forget. We will and have had celebrations that will pass on to other family members from generation to generation, including your children and there children, your grandchildren. You know with all that being said, there is no greater family celebration to me than a family celebrating the birth of a new family member and being their to share their happiness.

A Family Celebration

There are a lot of different family celebrations; holidays with all the good foods everybody brings to the table, a birthday and/ or the birth of a child, weddings that add additional members to the family or just hanging out because we want to celebrate each other for no reason at all.

I, myself being the oldest child out of four girls from my parents, and once again with all that being said, there is no greater family celebration to me than a family celebrating. I guess that’s why everyone looks to me and/ or comes to me for everything we do in all the celebrations being planned for some reason or another; I also thought it was because I was the only one with no children at the time, but I would actually learn, it turns out I can be the life of a party. Therefore this has always made me feel special to my family.

Now not being married or having children before any of my younger sisters was not a weird feeling for the love of my life or me, until it was actually brought to our...
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