Time- Saving Technologies

Topics: Present, Time, Modern history Pages: 5 (1672 words) Published: May 19, 2013
The more timesaving inventions we own, the less time we have

In my essay I tried to focus on the problems of utilization of leisure time. There is no doubt that our world is constantly changing. Nowadays, modern technologies take up very important place in our lives.

“The last couple of decades have witnessed a formidable growth of various time-saving technologies, ranging from advanced multi-level time managers to e-mail, voicemail, mobile telephones and word processors; and yet millions of us have never had so little time to spare as now. It may seem as if we are unwittingly being enslaved by the very technology that promised liberation. Changes which ostensibly boost efficiency and creativity may in fact do the exact opposite.” (Eriksen, Thomas Hylland. Tyranny of the moment. London: Pluto Press, 2001)

Despite the fact that we have thanks to modern technologies access to a large array of information, that all of the generations before us could certainly envied us, still we are not wiser, but more confused. It does not mean that the more we know, the more we understand the world and the things around us. We have only more options than the previous generations. The aim of this work is not to find the arguments, why take a stand against progress and information society, but it is also important to understand its unintended consequences. 

2. History

Nowadays, there are many writings, referring to this issue. Thus, to what extent perfect instruments we have, and how much less we manifest our own effort in searching of new information, we will cease to develop our own ideas, and we become the only beings consuming foreign opinion. As Eriksen claims, in our society, everything is running at high speed, but only a few things are actually moving forward. A lot of new things wait for us every day and we have to deal with them. The company is becoming more consumerist; because it just takes the information published anywhere. Thanks to the commonness and the system of modern technologies, only a few people consider about their actual content.

In order to move on, we have to recall the basic historical context. As I have described above, the problem of our society is particularly its general acceleration. As remind Eriksen, this is connected with the invention of the telegraph and the steam engine. As well as these inventions affect the life of the inhabitants at the time of its expansion, resources to help you work affect life in the present time. People, who work in the field of information technologies and are directly affected by this progress, live in constant haste and with a sense that their working hours are overcrowded and the time scrappy. The pace is so high that, in many cases, it affects family life. Another example is the invention of the typewriter, whose original meaning was only facilitating the writing strongly visually impaired people. Yet his discovery increases the number of texts, which publishing became simpler. Once again, however, this is a type of progress, which leads society to a further and even greater acceleration. To get nearer in the past, we discover the age of computers. For a few years has spread to nearly every office, some people even had the opportunity to have it at home. Ten years later, it was also a rapid expansion of the internet. In the last twenty years, the Czech Republic has been also changed in almost all areas. Also interest in modern technologies grew up. In the last two decades, the internet became one of the most widely used means of communication between humans.

“Between 2005- 2009, in the Czech Republic almost doubled the number of its users (32% in 2005 and 60% in 2009). The number of users increased throughout the European Union (65% in 2009). Email has been in the last 5 years the most popular form of communication on the internet. In 2005, through her to interact with 84% of...
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