Time Sample Observation Example

Topics: Manners, Play, Game Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Time| Event| Comments|
9:40| Having snack on the snack mat, gives me his orange “you open this...please” I unpeel his orange and give it back to him. “thank you” | Polite and good Manners, but misses words out.| 9:41| “Egg egg egg” “I had scrambled egg I did” – Joining in with a conversation from child B. “eyeballs, Eyeballs” laughing. Pointing at a water bottle in the tray with stickers on.| Still on the snack mat, eating. Communicating with child B. Being a bit silly with his snack. | 9:43| He is playing with his orange, I ask him to eat it sensibly. “me eating now” he says. | Changed from being polite to being silly in a matter of minutes.| 9:44| He sees me writing. “This is how you spell my name” draws name in the air with his finger. Me got ‘R’ in my name, points to his water bottle where his name is written. | Still sitting on snack mat.| 9:48| The child had finished his snack and we to play with the trains whilst child L came up to me and told me child A was in the role play area crying. I went to comfort her.| I told child A to come with me to do some exciting activities, we did some cutting of shapes.| 9:53| Whilst I was with child A, child M came up o me with the trains, and child B said “I’m flying, I’m flying” | I can see that child M has a good imagination which is very important. | 9:59| “can me do one” – He wants to stop playing with the trains and do cutting and sticking instead.| | 10:06| | |

Time Sample Aim: To assess the chosen child within language development, looking at speech, manners and looking out for any possible speech impediments.
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