Time Off at Superior Software Services

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Time Off at Superior Software Services

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Time Off at Superior Software Services

Time off tend to be a dilemma in some companies where the rules are not well established specially sick days that employees can call in at any time and request a sick day for whatever reason without prior anticipation. Changing Superior’s time off polices can decrease unscheduled time off. If Superior combined PTO with different scheduling rules for each situation things can be different. If an employee calls in for a sick day it must provide paperwork that proves sickness. People should not be asking for sick days just because they have a headache or simple sore-throat; sick days must be for real sickness.

As a rule I will include that sick days are cumulative towards next vacation schedule with a limit of how many days can be carry in that way people would retain themselves of using inappropriately their sick days and will go to work. Having this kind of PTO incentivizes people to come to work even when they are sick and contagious, because they want to save their days in order to take longer vacations. Managers should be strict when implementing this not allowing switch or letting employees call in and not showing prove after. Employees will be so motivated to avoid sick and personal absence, because they could add to their vacation accrual, the company can see a significant increase in its vacation accrual extend resulting more productivity for Superior Software Services.

There are some benefits of offering PTO; the flexibility of PTO helps the company attract and retain talented employees. It can eliminate the big issue of employees calling in sick for whatever reason. Also PTO days can be more easily carried over to the next year when the days are not used in the previous year. People can easily plan better vacations with more days on their buckets. Another advantage will be how...
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