Time of the Doves

Topics: Marriage, English-language films, Woman Pages: 4 (1384 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Michael McCarty
Professor Michael Ugarte
Spanish 2330
4 April 2013
The Struggle to Find a True Identity
Time of the Doves documents the personal struggles of a woman during the devastating times of the Spanish Civil War. I believe the central themes of the novel are the character trying to find her true identity, and women being silenced and oppressed in society. During this time period, the Spanish Civil War is occurring, but Natalia seems oblivious to the war throughout the novel. Natalia is more concerned with survival than the outcome of the war. The novel written by Rodoreda seems like a diary and it is disorganized. “Rodoreda uses a stream-of-consciousness voice to narrate the dialogue.” (language123.blogstop.com)

The Time of the Doves takes place during the difficult times of the Spanish Civil War. I believe the war is not the focal part of the novel because Natalia makes the war seem like a subtle event. Natalia introduces the war by saying “And everything went along like this, with little headaches, till the Republic came and Quimet got all excited and went marching through the streets shouting and waving a flag.” (Rodoreda 70) This statement shows Natalia’s disinterest in the war. The war just happens in the novel, and I believe Natalia’s struggle of identity is the central reason for the novel.

During the novel, you are able to see the transformation of the character. “Rodoreda splits the character into two personalities: Natalia and Colometa.” (language123.blogstop.com) I believe the character transforms from Colometa to her true identity of Natalia at the end of the novel. Colometa was the name given by Natalia’s husband. The name Colometa shows the imprisonment of Natalia. The name shows how Quimet controls her; just like he controls his doves. The doves are meant to be free like Natalia should be. When Natalia sheds the name of Colometa, she is able to be free and release all her worries. Also, Natalia is able to think more clearly...
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