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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Managing Time as an Adult Learner
In high school years school was the primary concern. Teacher provides the proper learning environment; parents take care for school materials, food and other personal needs. Still felt like not enough time for school work. This is opposite to an adult learner. As an adult learner other responsibility becomes the first priority. It is especially hard when they have a family to care for and household responsibilities too. Family care becomes primary concern for them. At the same time they deal with financial responsibilities too. Also as a member of society, they have to conscious on their social responsibilities.

Most adult learners find their greatest challenge in life is in managing time effectively. Besides the study, many adult learners deal with the issues of child and family care, job and financial responsibilities, and housework and social responsibilities. An adult learner needs to allocate his time to spouse, children and immediate social circles without any question. At the same time they has financial responsibilities, so they require to find job and need to spend huge portion of time on work. Also an adult learner struggles with health issues, marriage and divorce, buying new house, children and their education, losing job and so on. And also being a parent, they need to allocate their time for children and have to calmly listen their children's amazing-amazing talks and need to answer them. That’s why; many adults never think that they can manage their time for education along with so many responsibilities. Because of so many responsibilities, time management becomes harder and cause to contemplate giving up their dreams at one point or another. According to a research report, 68% of adult students allocate their time for job outside of study, same way 85% adults do housework, 41% childcare, 23% adult care and 17% homework and internships (Kinsela, 1998). This result at least can...
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