Time Management Outline

Topics: Dwight D. Eisenhower, Management, Time management Pages: 5 (680 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Purpose: Informative #1/ Time Management


1 Attention

2 What is time management?

1 Understanding time management

2 Why is managing my time efficiently important?

3 What is stealing my time

1 Identify what or who?

2 Learn to handle distractions

3 Be responsible for yourself

4 Am I procrastinating?

2 Credibility

1 Catherine Beecher

1 Advocate for women’s education

2 Emphasize the importance of female labor

1 Guide for time management book

2 Productive activities like education

2 Benjamin Franklin

1 Father’s system for “Order”

2 Unpredictable claims

3 Dwight D. Eisenhower

3 Lead into the body

1. Time is very effective as a tool, if we know how to use it.
2. How can I know if I am managing my time correctly?
A. Set goals
1. Mission statement
a) What do I value the most?
b) What is my life’s purpose
a) What legacy do I want to leave to the world? b) What I am doing to accomplish it?
1. Long term goals
a) Finish a master’s degree
b) Buy a house
c) Have a family
d) Start my doctorate’s degree
2. Intermediate goals (the next five years)
a) Complete my degree
b) Find a job
c) Travel to Europe
d) Graduate with honors
4. Short term goals
a) Finish the semester
b) Get associate’s degree
c) Start a healthy diet
d) Buy a car
Transitional: Are you doing something to accomplish your goals? A. Use time Effectively
1. Where does your time go?
a) Committed time
1) Studying
2) Working
3) Exercise
b) Maintenance time
1) Eating
2) Sleeping
3) Grooming
c) Discretionary time
1) Relationships
( Intellectual development
1. Where should your time go?
a) Urgent priorities
1) Dropping a class
2) Paying fees
3) Turning in papers
b) Important priorities
1) Attending every class
2) Planning tasks
3) Forming healthy relationships
c) Ongoing activities
1) Identify if needed
2) Plan a wise time to do them
d) Trivial activities
1) Mail
2) Facebook
Transitional: Are you using your time effectively to achieve your goals? If the answer was no, there are some strategies that you may want to know. B. Time-Management Strategies
1. Get organized
a) Keep a calendar
b) Create daily to-do list
c) Study everywhere and anywhere
d) Prepare the night before
2. Make it simpler
a) Do the tough tasks first
b) Break projects down into smaller tasks
c) Study in short segments
d) Study at your high-energy time
3. Keep a positive attitude
a) Be flexible
b) Patient
c) Persistent
d) Realistic
4. Control interruptions
a) Create an organized place to study
b) Determine your optimal time to study
c) Create quite time
d) Just say no
Transition: On the other hand, one cannot forget that we are humans and we have strict needs; such as eating and socializing, for instance the word balance must remain in your life. C. Always in balance

1. Communicate with your...
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