Time Management Is an Important Ingredient for Success

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I MCS 015 I

MCA (Revised)

tr) ..0 O

Term-End Examination December, 2011

Time : 2 hours
Note :

Maximum Marks : 50

Answer all the questions.


Read the following passage and answer the 10 questions given after it. Is meaning conveyed only by the words we use ? Or, is part of the message conveyed through tone, volume, posture, eye contact and facial expression ? A study states that only 7 per cent of human communication occurs through language, 38 per cent is conveyed through 'voice' and tone; and 55 per cent is conveyed through body language. This has interesting implications for language learning because different societies differ in the ways in which they use these forms of communication. Among farming communities speaking loudly is acceptable behaviour. People call out to each other loudly and thump each other on the back on happy occasions or when they are among equals. People in the West, however, use more subdued tones and gestures.




Similarly, notions of public and private spaces also differ. Europeans dislike touching the body above the forearm but Arabs greet each other with a warm embrace. In Eastern cultures, touch is associated with warmth, comfort and empathy. However, since touch is also associated with intimacy, there are restrictions imposed by tradition as to who should touch whom, when and in what circumstances. Furthermore, a given communication function may be fulfilled verbally in one society. In another, there may be no verbal means available, and the function is fulfilled by a gesture or a facial expression. Depending on need, motivation and exposure, learners pick up these aspects of culture and language as they proceed. (a) (b) How is meaning conveyed ? Discuss. 2 How do people in rural areas communicate 2 with each other ? Is it different from the way people communicate in urban areas ? You can give examples from...
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