Time Management and Study Skills

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  • Published : August 29, 2010
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In the journey of a lifetime, the way that a person deals with challenges and limits will largely determine his or her success (Robbins, 1986). Such limits include basic concerns such as time available during a day, information available for directing activities, and the person’s capacity to manage activities within the context of specific desires and goals. The person who responds to challenges with integrity, resourcefulness, and determination will be more likely to succeed (Covey, 1989). Resource usage and management – whether the resource is time, money, information, talent and ability, or character – is key. There is no better time to learn the skills necessary to use resources than in college, when a person is establishing the patterns that will govern his or her life (Carter, Bishop, Cravits, 2002). This brief paper will outline some important time management and study skills, and will provide commentary on how these skills can be applied to make one a better student and a better person. Conducting Successful Library and Internet Searches

From a student’s perspective, there is perhaps no other skill that is more important than learning how and where to access information. This skill is critical because applying it successfully will help the student to become more efficient and effective – thereby freeing up more time to fulfill other time obligations even while achieving better grades. More importantly, as one enters the workforce, he or she will continue to access information. It is important therefore to know what constitutes good information, and how best to get it.

How and where to find academic resources online. Academic resources can be found in a variety of places. A college library is often the most important resource for accessing research journals, although many public libraries carry some such resources. In the case of a distance learning college, students may not have access to a physical library, and may have to approach a local...
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