Time Management

Topics: Goal, Management, Time Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: January 6, 2012
1. What are the major activities and tasks that take up most of your time (family, school, work, etc.)? Explain how much time you spend on each of these major activities. The three major activites that I go through on a day to day basis are work, family, and school. My work takes up a big majority of my day, I work from 0500-0600 after that I take time to talk to my wife from 0630-0800 then I into work and don’t get off until 6pm. After work I usually take about two to three hours to work on school. 2. Define Circadian Rhythm in your own words. When is your high-energy time? What activities are you completing during this high-energy time? Is any study time during your high energy time? Circadian Rhythm is basicly a cycle that your mind or body is adjusted to within a certain time period. My high energry time would be right as I’m coming into work and I’m usually making sure everything is done from the previous day and getting up to speed on the current day. I would like to think that I have two high energy times because when I get off of work my energy level is boosted for some reason. 3. Your textbook emphasizes the importance of using “To Do Lists.” Go to this website: www.mindtools.com. Find the section that deals with “To Do Lists.” Why are To-Do Lists important for success in school and in a career? How do they keep one organized? A To-Do list is a very important tool to use for example; you take all the tasks you must do in a day and you set priorities on them starting from your top priorities on the top of your To-Do list. This enables you not to forget about a certain task and it make your workload not seem so heavy. 4. Select one other tip in the mindtools.com site that would be helpful to you. Name and summarize this tip. Be sure to explain how this tip might apply to you personally. Activity Logs are another good tool to use to manage your time. They enable you to see how much time you waste everyday due to little breaks or conversation...
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