Time Management

Topics: Management, Time, Working time Pages: 22 (6515 words) Published: September 6, 2011


Atta us Saboor Zafrullah.
10671 Mba 3rd (M).
National University of Modern Languages Multan.

This article aims at exploring different ways of effective and efficient management of time. Time is an asset which is of crucial importance for all, so its better utilization can play a significant role in our lives. In this article different characteristics of time are described, importance of time is discussed. Some light is put on proper planning for efficient management of time and different suggestions are also presented. Time is highly expensive and precious but most of us waste it unintentionally because of being unaware of its worth. So there was a need to investigate different activities and issues that cause people to waste the time of others and of their own. For effective time management sound and wise planning is needed at first and then smooth and steady movement toward goal is possible. Different suggestions in this regard are given at the end to wisely manage and utilize the precious asset time. To understand this topic I have selected a sample of 50 teacher and 50 students. Teachers because they bear the responsibility of being the builders of the nation, they deliver lectures to different groups of students and before this they have to prepare or revise these lectures also. Apart from this they have to give time to their family. So how do they manage all this has been pleasure some to know. I interrogated with some students who were doing jobs during their studies. My sample of population belongs to the teachers and students of National University of Modern Languages Multan campus and Bahauddin Zakaria University Multan.

One must be aware of the fact that time is a highly precious and perishable asset. Its an economics resource. it can not be contracted or expanded. It is irrecoverable and irreplaceable. It flows from past to present (often regarded as experience) and from present to future (doing planning). This flow is one way and irreversible. So its wise management can prove to be the gateway to success in all spheres of life.

The interest in time management is by no means new. The problem of how to manage time was already discussed in the 1950s and 1960s, and several authors proposed methods on how to handle time issues on the job (e.g. Drucker, 1967; Lakein, 1973; Mackenzie, 1972; McCay, 1959). They suggested simple remedies such as writing work plans down on paper (so-called “to-do lists”) in order to increase job performance. At the same time, some authors (e.g. Drucker, 1967) recognized that planning tasks and activities does not always lead to the completion of planned work, especially when time pressure is high.

McCay (1959) developed a concept for a time-management training program, which is still being used. Critical elements are: giving insight into time-consuming activities, changing time expenditure, and increasing workday efficiency by teaching people how to make a daily planning, how to prioritize tasks, and how to handle unexpected tasks. Many books and articles were written to convey these and similar ideas to managers, promising them a greater effectiveness while using less time (e.g. Blanchard and Johnson, 1982). Over the years the focus of time management publications and training courses has shifted from managers as the major target group to a broad audience of working people. The term “time management” is actually misleading. Strictly speaking, time cannot be managed, because it is an inaccessible factor. Only the way a person deals with time can be influenced. Time management can be viewed as a way of monitoring and controlling time (e.g. Eilam and Aharon, 2003). In this regard, it would be more appropriate to speak about self-management with regard to the performance of multiple tasks within a certain time period. But in the...
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