Time Management

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  • Published : September 10, 2010
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1. Introduction
Time management is very important as time is finite. How do students control workload and make time for success? Colleges students will probably do not have proper time management. Today, students have a lot of assignments, tests, and exams. Students might not know the techniques to manage time effectively and efficiently. Effective time management can help students to reduce stress and frustration. Besides, it can also help students to gain confidence in their work. This can ensure that they have a healthier and happier life because there will be no worries for the day. However, students tend to delay their work and only do it at the eleventh hour. This could be due that some students who only feel motivated to do the work when it is urgent.

Generally, it is felt that female have better time management as compared to male. This is because it is believed that female is more responsible than male in terms of doing a task or work. Other than that, it is also felt that students do not realise that time management is very important. There are a lot of other things that usually attract students’ attention and distract them. For example, playing computer games, shopping and hanging out with friends are some of the activities that distract students. Due to this, students must be able to control their time effectively and efficiently to avoid distractions.

2. Purpose
The objectives of this research are:
1. To differentiate how male and female students manage their time.

2. To find out if there is a significant difference in terms of attitudes towards time management between the genders.

3. To provide possible recommendations on how time should be managed properly.

1.3 Research Question and Hypothesis
It is hypothesised that female undergraduate students have better time management as compared to male undergraduate students. The research questions for this study will be:
1. What are the significant difference of attitudes between male and female? 2. What are the significant relationship between gender and attitudes towards time management?

1.4 Subjects and Procedure
The participants for this study are defined as all School of Business March 2010 Intake Students. 50 questionnaires were distributed equally among female and male students on 2nd of June 2010.

2.1 Introduction
Time management is important for everybody. Whether that particular person is a college student or a working person, it is important for them to master the time management skills. This section of the literature review will discuss the advantages of time management, different gender’s attitudes towards time management, reasons why students procrastinate and also time management techniques.

2.2 Advantages of time management
Time management provides a wide range of benefits to the users. One of the advantages of time management is that it reduces stress. College students often face stress when they do not manage their time effectively. Orr (2008) stated that when students manage their time effectively, they will have a well planned schedule. With this, they will face less pressure and stress because they know when they will be able to complete their tasks or assignments. This is because they know how to allocate and use their time efficiently. However, when every assignment needs to be completed on the same week and there is no timetable, student will find that he or she is cluttered in a mess of what he or she needs to do.

Other than that, time management also gives the students a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Orr (2008) claimed that this satisfaction is achieved when students set goals and have proper timetable. They would feel satisfied when they have finished the part of the tasks for the day. Besides that, this would lead to better productivity as they did not rush when doing tasks and assignment. They do not need to worry...
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