Time Management

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Why is time management important in the army?
As a soldier we persevere to use skills such as; Accountability/Teamwork, Readiness, and strive to have all the proper information about a task, so that we can carry it out properly to the best of our abilities.

Time managemant is important for accountability. If you are missing a battle buddy or a battle buddy is late, it will offset the time allotted for the task at hand. It dose not hurt just the section working on the task, but the entire unit. Missing one person in that section makes more work for everyone else. I should not be necissary to have to pull another person from another section just to cover for that a person gone, when they are needed most at that exact time in that certain place. Making more work for your team, instead of what should have been accomplished by you.

Managing your time is very important for readiness. Not being prepared and ready to go or not allotting enough time for a specific task, can factor into being late, which is not helpful to your team or your unit. If you are not ready; you will be running around trying to find everything that you need. Which is meanial and is time wasted, in getting where you need to be on time. If you have everything put out where it is easy to get to. That will make it easier, faster and smoother for you to leave at the appropriate time to factor in traffic, construction and still be up to ten or fifteen minutes early, showing that you are there and ready to do the job at hand and it show that you are someone that you can be counted on. Readiness, proves that you can just up and leave whenever called upon and that you can be there quickly if needed.

Managing time is helpful so that you are given the proper information. In getting the proper information, you can be where you need to be when you need to be there, and you are not scurring around trying to get somewhere else, cause you were told wrong by someone else. If information gets scrambled...
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