Time Management

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Time Management

Time management is the most important asset one can have these days, with the collapse of traditional values any person can find himself running a few, parallel different lives all at once.

Time management is not about doing too many things in less time but doing right things at right time in right way. How you manage your time is part of your personal agenda

To utilise the available time in optimum manner to achieve one’s personal and professional goals As the Chinese proverb says “You can make money; you can’t make time” We will be considering time management in the organizational perspective Planning is key managerial function but research shows that less than 5% of management time goes on planning Pareto Principle : It says that 20 % of the work takes 80% of your time and remaining 80% of work is completed in 20% of your time

Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix
Quadrant 1: Quadrant of Necessity

You will find your crises or emergencies listed here. This quadrant screams for our attention because of its urgent and consequential nature. However, many people fall into the trap of getting caught up in Q-1. By spending all our time here, we become consumed with firefighting everyday instead of crisis prevention. Side effects include stress, burn-out, constant firefighting and resolving problems instead of preventing them in the first place. We often see working level employees, advertising executives, accountants, etc. getting consumed by this quadrant.

Quadrant 3: Quadrant of Deception

Some people spend a lot of time dealing with Q-3 tasks and confusing them with Q-1 tasks. They think the tasks are important when it is otherwise. For example, you may be spending a lot of time on a certain report which does not have any implication in your overall job performance or appraisal. Or you may be constantly attending meetings which have no value-add. This is why Q-3 is called the Quadrant of Deception. Many times, the urgency of these tasks are due to others’ priorities or needs.

Quadrant 4: Quadrant of Waste

This is called the Quadrant of Waste, and for good reason – it contains all your time wasters. People living unconsciously have a tendency to hover around primarily Q-3 and Q-4. After resolving Q-3 tasks, they fall into auto-pilot mode and spend time doing Q-4 tasks. This can be because they have nothing better to do or they are procrastinating on things they should be doing. This quadrant puts no value in our lives whatsoever. Focusing on Q-4 results in irresponsible behavior and dependency on other people.

Quadrant 2: Quadrant of Quality and Personal Leadership

Q-2 is magic quadrant we need to focus on – It is the most important, yet most often neglected. Q-2 is all about having personal leadership and focusing on the important tasks that matter. Q-2 tasks should reflect your life goals and desires, which are laddered down from your life purpose. There are two reasons why Q-2 tasks are often neglected. Firstly, Q-2 tasks never become urgent until it is too late. For example, taking care of your health or pursuing your dreams. Secondly, compared to other quadrants, these tasks require more investment of energy and time for results, which conflicts with society’s obsession with instant results nowadays.

Interruptions we face during the day
Being a slave on the telephone
Unexpected/Unwanted visitors
Needless reports/Junk mail
Meetings without agenda

Afraid to Delegate
Not Wanting to Say "NO“
Low Self-Esteem
Problems with Objectives/Priorities

Time Management Tips
1) Realize that time management is a myth.
No matter how organized we are, there are always only 24...
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