Time Management

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Time management

Time Management
Time management is a sensitive topic for all people especially students and working people. It’s a skill you can gain through practice. It’s a way of life, by learning time management skills you are taking the first step at making your life organized and easier to handle. Some people think time management is an overrated topic while others feel the opposite. I strongly believe in the importance of Time management because of its benefits that we will learn about at the end of this paper. Why is learning time management skills important? Because, by learning them you are taking control of your life, making it more efficient and productive. People are always developing habits sometime it’s good and other habits are bad. So, in order to learn a time management skill you need to get rid of the bad habits first. Such as: Stalling and Delaying projects and homework. You need to know that every time you delay a task, it will haunt you and you will have that little voice in the back of your head repeating again and again that you have a task to be done. Also, multi-tasking: At first I thought that multi-tasking is a good way to save time! But I thought wrong. It actually waste time rather than saving it. Because, you are trying to concentrate on many things at one time and at the end you find your-self started a number of tasks but you are not even close at finishing them. So in this situation there is a good habit that you can develop which is taking down one task at a time so you can concentrate on it and actually finish it. One of the time management skills that you need to learn is setting goals: while you are setting your goals try to set a realistic goals because it clears everything out for you and creates a line between what you can actually achieve and what you want to achieve. Be careful; don’t demand too much from your-self. You need to know your capability of handling things; you don’t want to stress...
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