Time Magazine Photo Paper

Topics: Middle Ages, Horse, Horses in warfare Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: April 28, 2013

Paragraph 1

Describe photo, intro with good sentence to get readers attention vividly describe photo deep enough to completely describe the photo in words to the reader without them seeing the photo.


Focal point, setting(background on photo/conflict), Details, Contrast, Emphasis. Analyze the photo


Respond to the photo, significance and photo meaning

A Rebel and his Horse

Standing at attention nestled in a grove of trees a man and his horse prepare to ride to battle. The Free Syrian Army Rebel dressed in camouflage and is holding the symbol of rebellion, an AK-47. The man holds his gun high into the air seemingly ready for anything to come his way. The horse brings medieval juxtaposition wearing what looks like a very traditional and old saddle that wraps around the rear of the powerful, majestic animal. Looking back towards the camera the man sits with a disposition of being ready for whatever he tends to ride into. The background of the path they are standing on and the grove they are in looks to be a well-traveled path beaten down into just sand.

Framing the Syrian and his horse as the focal point in the middle of a field seems out of place with much of the fighting done in the cities.  The horse brings a type of tranquility and it brings you back in history to the times when only men of power rode into battle on horseback.  The AK-47 being held high into the air is a very significant part of this picture as it tells that the rebel is ready and willing to fight.  Without the gun, one would think that the man was just riding the horse into town to get some supplies or to visit family.  The contrast of the dark brown horse and the man in camouflage in the middle of almost gray and light green trees shows the battered area in another light. The trees don’t look to be healthy due to all of the traffic and fighting like they are also rebelling. Seeing the man upon his horse reminds me of a...
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