Time Line of the Cold War, Significant Events.

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1. Timeline of the blockade, 1948:
January: The US and British Zones in Berlin and the rest of Germany merged into one economic unit, known as Bizonia.
March: Soviet representatives walked out of the Allied Control Commission complaining that Western attitudes made it “unworkable”. The Commission had be established in 1945, to administer all the captured zones.

April: The Allied zones were included in the Marshall Plan, Soviet troops began to hold up and search road and rail traffic, that entered West Berlin.June: The Western powers announced plans to create a West German State and introduce a new currency, known as the western deutschmark, for their zones and western Berlin. The Soviet also economically retaliated by introducing its own currency, the ostmark, in the soviet zone and eastern Berlin.

Late June - 24th June: Stalin openly accused the West of interfering in the Soviet zone, as a result he cut off roads, rail and canal traffic in an attempt to starve western Berlin of its resources. Stalin was trying to force the Allies to pull out of their sectors and abandon plans for separate development on their German zones.

Explain the causes of the crisis; what was most important and who was to blame? The causes of the Berlin blockade between the Soviet Union and the USA can only be catergorized into two separate reasons; that being short and long terms causes. The long-term causes of the blockade:

The Soviet Union had ensured that the minority of the communist group took control of their eastern zone. They tried, unsuccessfully, to secure communist control of Berlin’s city council, but was utterly crushed by the capitalist movement in a general election. The West, capitalist countries wanted to speed up the economic recovery of Germany, which had been devastated by war and was now facing serious shortages of food and fuel. The Soviet Union of course, wanted quite the opposite from the capitalist governments, their focus was to secure...
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