Time Line of Jose Rizal's Travels

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Jose Rizal: Timeline of his Travels and Adventures

Rizal's First Trip Abroad

3 May 1882
Rizal left Philippines for the first time Spain. He boarded the Salvadora using a passport of Jose Mercado, which was procured for him by his uncle Antonio Rivera, father of Leonor Rivera. He was accompanied to the quay where the Salvadora was moored by his uncle Antonio, Vicente Gella, and Mateo Evangelista.

9 May 1882
Rizal arrived at Singapore.

11 May 1882
In Singapore, at 2 p.m., Rizal boarded the boat Djemnah to continue his trip to Spain.

17 May 1882
Rizal arrived at Punta de Gales.

18 May 1882
At 7:30 a.m., he left Punta de Gales for Colombo. In the afternoon, Rizal arrived at Colombo and in the evening the trip was resumed

27 May 1882
He landed at Aden at about 8:30 a.m. He made observation at the time.

2 June 1882
He arrived at the Suez Canal en route to Marseilles.

7 June 1882
Rizal arrived at Port Said. In a letter to his parents, He described his trip en route to Aden along the Suez Canal.

11 June 1882
Rizal disembarked and, accompanied by a guide, went around the City of Naples for one hour. This was the first European ground he set foot on.

12 June 1882
At ten o’clock in the evening, the boat anchored at Marseilles.

13 June 1882
Early on the morning he landed at Marseilles and boarded at the Noalles Hotel.

15 June 1882
He left Marseilles for Barcelona in an express train.

Rizal in Barcelona, Spain

16 June 1882
At 12:00 noon, Rizal arrived at Barcelona and boarded in the Fonda De España.

Rizal in Madrid, Spain

2 September 1882
Rizal matriculated at the Universidad Central de Madrid. He took the following subjects: medical clinic, surgical

clinic, legal medicine and obstetrical clinic.

15 June 1883
Rizal left Madrid for Paris to spend his summer and to observe the big French City.

Rizal in Paris, France

17 June 1883
Rizal arrived at Paris. He spent the whole day walking around and observing the beautiful cities.

18 June 1883
With Felipe Zamora and Cunanan, He visited the Leannec Hospital to observe how Dr, Nicaise treated his patients. He

was stunned to see the advanced facilities in the accommodation in the said hospital.

19 June 1883
He again visited Dr. Nicaise who showed the technique of operation. Later he went to see dupytren Museum.

20 June 1883
Rizal visited the Lariboisiere Hospital where Felix Pardo de Tavera was an extern. Here he observe the examination

of the different diseases of women.

21 June 1883
After watching the done by Dr. Duply, he went to the Jardin d’ Acclimatation situated outside the Paris in the

Forest of Bologna. He found there plants of all species and the rarest and most beautiful birds.

Rizal Back in Madrid

20 August 1883
Rizal was back in Madrid from his summer vacation in Paris.

31 December 1883
In the evening Rizal delivered a speech in a banquet held at the Café de Madrid. Many Filipinos were gathered in the

restaurant to bid goodbye to the year 1884.

1 October 1885
Rizal planned to leave Madrid by the middle of the month. He intended to go to Germany to learn the German language

and to study advance course of ophthalmology.

4 December 1885
He was practicing ophthalmology with Dr. Weeker at the Crugen Clinic.

Rizal in Strasburg, Germany

2 February 1886

Rizal arrived at Strasburg, Germany. He visited the celebrated cathedral and climbed a tower of 142 meters high, the

fourth highest of the European towers.

Rizal in Heidelberg, Germany
3 February 1886
He arrived at Heidelberg. The town to him looked gay. On the streets he saw students with cups of different colors.

22 April 1886
While in Heidelberg experiencing the feeling of nostalgia for his parents and his country, Rizal wrote the poem "A Las Flores de Heidelberg."

Rizal in Wilhelmsfeld, Germany

26 April 1886
He left Heidelberg for Wilhemsfeld to honor invitation extended to him by...
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