Time-Line of Antiquity

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Time-line of Antiquity

• Circa 3000 BC: Egyptian calendar
• Circa 3000 BC: Sumerian cuneiform writing system
• 3300 BC: Bronze Age begins in the Near East
• c. 3000 BC: Stonehenge construction begins. In its first version, it consisted of a circular ditch and bank, with 56 wooden posts. • 2700 BC: Minoan Civilization ancient palace city Knossos reach 80,000 inhabitants • 2600 BC: Completion of the Great Pyramid of Giza

• 2000 BC: Domestication of the horse
• 1800 BC: alphabetic writing emerges
• 1600 BC: Beginning of Hittite dominance of the Eastern Mediterranean region • c. 1200 BC: Theorized time of the Trojan War
• c. 1180 BC: Disintegration of Hittite Empire
• 890 BC: Approximate date for the composition of the Iliad and the Odyssey • 800 BC: Rise of Greek city-states

Classical Antiquity

Classical antiquity is a broad term for a long period of cultural history centered on the Mediterranean Sea, comprising the interlocking civilizations of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. It refers to the timeframe of ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Ancient history includes the recorded Greek history beginning in about 776 BC (First Olympiad). This coincides roughly with the traditional date of the founding of Rome in 753 BC and the beginning of the history of Rome. • 776 BC: First recorded Olympic Games. The history of the Games is believed to reach as far back as the 13th century BC but no older written record survives • 753 BC: Founding of Rome (traditional date)

• 653 BC: Rise of Persian Empire
• 550 BC: Foundation of the Persian Empire by Cyrus the Great • 546 BC: Cyrus the Great overthrows Croesus King of Lydia. • 539 BC: The Fall of the Babylonian Empire and liberation of the Jews by Cyrus the Great • 529 BC: Death of Cyrus

• 525 BC: Cambyses II of Persia conquers Egypt
• c. 512 BC: Darius I (Darius the Great) of Persia, subjugates eastern Thrace, Macedonia submits voluntarily, and annexes Libya, Persian Empire at...
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