Time in "Time's Visitors" by F. Sladen Smith

Topics: Time, Life, Old age Pages: 4 (1556 words) Published: October 3, 2012
In “Time’s Visitors” F. Sladen Smith brings to lime light a universal fact that existence of every entity is impermanent. Life and death are not eternal either. Only time is permanent and it heals up the sorrows and grieves of man. In this play the writer has delineated the importance of time by the statue of time. The statue of time, located in a small public garden, is always being cursed by the visitors. Everyone despises the statue of time as they consider it to be callous because it snatches all happiness and gives nothing. The statue of time is something agonizing for all of them except Collins, the park keeper. Besides him all other people harbour feelings of hatred for it. Everyone finds fault in time. The statue of time bears all the hostility. Only Collins like the statue and appreciates it. He feels sorry for the statue and remorse about the ill-feelings of the people for the statue. The play presents a picture of peculiar conversation. The playwright has employed many ways to speak out his mind. The prominent one is the statue in the park. The statue reminded his visitors about his importance.

In the beginning of the play two business men, Mr. Shapstake and Mr. Whittlenip, are concerned about their business and discuss about the importance of time in their field. “We can’t afford to miss any opportunity or to waste a single moment.” They both want to avail the time but find it impossible. Whittlenip does not want any delays as a single minute’s delay in business matters cause an irrecoverable loss. But still he wastes his time in only thinking and doing nothing. They are always running short of time and blame time for going fast. They do not realize that their business and its matters are only temporary and only time is permanent. The three children Nellie, Harold and Cissie, do not like time either. Harold declared his hatred for time and desired to go to a place...
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