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  • Published : January 11, 2011
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ACTIVITIES| TIMEFRAME| RESOURCES NEEDED| PERSON/S RESPONSIBLE| EXPECTED OUTCOME| REMARS| * Agency orientation * Building a relationship with them through short conversation and self introduce. * Prepare a comprehensive write up of agency profile and some informative document| 1 week| Manual of the department| AFI, Agency staff & Interns.| To know the history of agency.To Familiarized the client& staff.| Achieved| * Conduct intake interview with the clients. * Prepare an intake record. * Collateral Interview with other units of attention.| 2 weeks| Intake form and case record| Client, Family and Intern.| To have initial assessment| Achieved| * Prepare the initial impression of the clients. * Finalized and refine writing of assessment for the case| 3 weeks| Place for interview| AFI, Intern and Client.| To have informative and specific assessment of the client.| | * Prepare an action plan * Defining the specific actions or intervention that is necessary.| 2 weeks| Time table for action plan.| Intern| To formulate goals that will meet the needs of client.| | * Note down the progress and actual implementation of interventions. * A set by step of implementing the plans.| 2 weeks| Set of activities.| Client, Family and Intern.| To implement the intervention plan properly| | * Prepare an evaluation statement related to goals and objectives advance of the implementation. * Recommend what further needs to improve situation, terminate the helping relationship. * Submit the case study report| | Based on the assessment and intervention plan.| Intern, AFI and SFI| To have good response from the client.T o have a comprehensive evaluation.To a final output of individual and families case study.| | WEEK| SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES| ACTIVITIES| TIMEFRAME| RESOURCES NEEDED| PERSON/S RESPONSIBLE| | REMARS| 1| * To...
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