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HUM 102: Intro to the Humanities II

Throughout time the humanities have evolved and proof of this evolution is seen in each of the different concepts that humanities cover. There are several time capsules that are rumored to contain pieces of some of the most influential art, music, architecture, philosophy, and literature in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. To find these capsules would be to travel back in time and hold in one's hands the true measure of what the humanities has accomplished during its evolution.

The Renaissance was perceived as a rebirth of ancient traditions. It breathed new life into the artists of its time with the development of new techniques and new artistic sensibilities. The art created during the Renaissance marks the transition of the world's evolution from the Medieval Period into the Early Modern Age. Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most well-known Renaissance artists. It is rumored that the Art Time Capsule contains one of his most famous works entitled, "Mona Lisa." This world’s best known piece was created circa 1503-1505 and is composed of oil on panel. It depicts a female figure (suspected to be the wife of the Florentine banker Francesco del Giocondo) sitting in front of a landscape of rugged mountains. In this painting, da Vinci used soft, smoky gradations of light and shade to place a soft blur over the landscape as well as the sitter. The blurring effect makes the facial expression of the sitter (and its gender according to some) almost impossible to determine.

The Art Time Capsule also contains an example from the Baroque Period. The Baroque Age (which flourished between 1600 and 1750) preceded the Renaissance and brought about a heightened naturalism and emotionalism to Western art. The artists of the Baroque period worked to use dramatic expressiveness to make viewers feel as though they were part of the scene. Artists used their talents to depict events that often were sometimes found to be appalling, shocking, and gruesome. Gianlorenzo Bernini, the chief architect of 17th century Rome, was able to use his great skills to bring the theatrical spirit of Baroque theater to Italian architecture and sculpture. Bernini’s many fountains led the city of Rome to becoming known as “the city of fountains”. This difficult task was made possible by the revival of the old Roman aqueducts. The main piece that was a favorite ornament of the Baroque era was his “Fountain of Four Rivers” that was adorned with dolphins, mermaids and tritons (located in the Piazza Navona, Rome). Music

Music has been speaking to the soul since the beginning of time. Instruments during this period were handmade and very valuable. Some could only be played by professionals while others were passed down through families with the skill evolving through the generations. The tambourine began as an instrument that was composed of only a frame drum. It acquired the jingles upon the sides during the medieval crusades. It was most popular with dancers and gypsies. The Music Time Capsule contains early renditions of this instrument before its evolution and after.

The Baroque Period also played a major role in the evolution of music. Many talented composers took up their craft during this period and made their mark in the music world, none more so than Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach was a German organist who learned his craft from his older brother. His music is still listened to by millions of people and has made a huge impression on many a young artist. The time capsule contains an organ key from the very first organ he ever laid his hands during composition of his music. Architecture

During the Renaissance there was a conscious revival and development of certain elements of ancient Greek and Roman thought and material culture. This revival spilled over into the development of architecture during that time period. Filippo Brunelleschi was one of the most famous...
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