Time Capsule

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Running head: TIME CAPSULE

Time Capsule
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I am a Marine so my day starts off at about 0500. I get up, do hygiene, and head off to work for some physical training (PT). This usually consists of running any number of miles. After PT I drive back home to shower and grab some breakfast. My work day typically starts at 0745. I take accountability of my troops and assign the tasks for the day. I will typically have some meetings to attend throughout the day. I will almost always bring my lunch to work so I can eat it as I type a report or take care of any number of tasks I was unable to complete earlier due to some unforeseen event. After lunch I take accountability of my Marines and give them further tasking. At 1630 I call my Marines into a formation and pass any information they might need, then I send them home. I leave work around 1730 or 1800. When I get home my wife has dinner ready for me. I then spend two hours on class work. I will then go spend a few minutes talking with my kids and playing a few games. I will then turn on the TV and watch a recording of a show. I then go to bed at 2300. On the weekends I run my own business. I sell self-defense items at the local flea mall. I hope to open a full time store within the next year. I would eventually like to own a chain of stores specializing in self-defense and tactical gear. Morals seem to be very loose these days. The time I am living in is all about getting ahead or getting what you want by any means necessary. People only care about doing the right thing if it benefits them. There are a few exceptions to this, but they are few and far between. There are two major things that contribute to the fall of morals in this time. The first one would be media. There is just so much violence, foul language, and sex in movies, TV shows, video games, and music. The second major factor would be the war that has been raging on for the past 11 years. I view happiness as a way...
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