Time and Cultural Influence on American Education

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Time and Cultural Influence on American Education
As a student I remember each morning before the start of class we would stand to the Pledge of Allegiance and open the school day with prayer. These days this is not allowed as it may be an offense to someone. But the history of education and the philosophy of Martin Luther gave the opportunity for children to learn along with theology as the basis for their education so they may read the Bible. Another experience as a child was correction for misbehavior. The teachers would give the student a spanking if he or she would be disrespectful or use fowl language. There was a school policy in place that allowed spankings for certain infractions and other punishments such as detention for other misbehaviors. Today spankings are not allowed and misbehavior infractions are given in the way of Saturday school or what we call “a three day vacation”. History shows strict rules and punishment for disobedience. Many of the classes that we had in school I see came from historical times such as languages, grammar, mathematics, music, and physical education. The philosophy of Luther also gave us the free education supported by the state.

Some of the primary characteristics of the teaching profession is the educational aspect of becoming a teacher. Pestalozzi’s philosophy states that the teachers should have a liberal education with additional training. Experience is another characteristic which is vital to a teacher. As a teacher gains experience they reevaluate their techniques and procedures to ensure the children are getting the education they deserve and retaining the information given. Teachers are caring, supportive, concerned about the student. This falls into Pestalozzi’s philosophy of loving the child and teaching the disadvantaged. Although the child that we may teach is not wealthy or even well dressed that child deserves our support and love with our best ability to give them a quality education. In order for...
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