Time's Man of the Year 2012

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Mrs. Harp
Times Magazine
In December of 2012, Time Magazine decided to announce that Barack Obama had won their annual “Person of the Year”. For obvious reasons Barack Obama is a leader, not only to his family but to the United States of America acting as our President in office at this point in time. In December of 2011, Time Magazine came out with “The Protesters” as the “Person of the Year”. People who look at protesters never really look at how they can be leaders; they only see the negative things that come from someone protesting something. But throughout this article, the reader will discover that some protesters are protesting positive things that need reform.

Throughout the 2012 article, it begins with the tale of what the President did and acted like before he was reelected for his second term in office. It portrays the President in a way that most people do not see; henceforth more people might be able to relate to the one person that is in charge of our country. According to the article, this was the time that people would see Obama’s last term as something more than the negative connotations it had been given in the past. His reelection meant that people saw some sort of hope in him that they wouldn’t voice in years prior, even though he was four million votes shorter than in 2008.

I think Time Magazine chose Barack Obama has the “Person of the Year” because of his enthusiasm going into the second election, and the way that he has held himself up throughout not only his first term, but during and after his reelection campaign. During the article it is relayed over and over how much adversity Obama went through to get where he is today. No one thought, according to the article, that he would have a fighting chance in the second election. It was said he was losing the young people and most of the following Latinos to the Republicans. Although it looked grim however, Obama managed to overcome adversity and show everyone that he wasn’t...
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