Timberland Boone and Kurtz Critical Thinking

Topics: Ethics, Social responsibility, Community service Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: November 1, 2011
1. In what ways does Timberland fulfill its responsibilities to consumers, employees, investors, and society as a whole? Timberland fulfills its responsibilities to consumers by building a brand known for high quality. The brand has a reputation for durability, ruggedness, and the American outdoors. However, Timberland has also gained consumer confidence by building a reputation for integrity and commitment to the community. Through its Path of Service Program, employees receive up to 40 hours of paid time per year to participate in community service projects. Timberland has a responsibility to its shareholders to earn profits. Participation in City Year has led to company growth as reflected in Timberland's revenues of more than $1 billion each year. Timberland has invested more than $10 million in City Year; it measures the success of its community service programs through joint marketing efforts with City Year. Timberland supplied boots to a Philadelphia retailer and City Year participants, and all three organizations experienced growth in the Philadelphia area. 2. In addition to a climate of social responsibility, do you think Timberland is likely to foster a climate of ethical awareness throughout its organization? Explain your answer. The foundation of an ethical climate is ethical awareness. Since ethical dilemmas occur frequently in the workplace, employees need help in identifying ethical problems when they occur. Workers also need guidance about how the firm expects them to respond. Timberland has a code of conduct that defines how the organization expects employees to resolve ethical questions. “Our Code of Conduct helps us ensure fair, safe and non-discriminatory workplaces around the world, and to create positive change in communities where Timberland® products are made.”

At Timberland, top management sets forth the ethical standards that guide the employees ─ a strong set of values for Timberland and its efforts in the community─ humanity,...
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