Timber Assignment

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Yr-8 Timber Joint Assignment
Butt and Rebate Joints


1. Where Could You Use These Joints?

You can use these joints building anything with wood (i.e. bird house, chairs, tables.) but you need to be smart about which joints will be strong enough for the task. Also when you use these you must aim to get the measurements 100% right for maximum hold and protection.

Rebate Joint: Rebate Joints are good for joining top and bottom ends of furniture, glue than screw together.

Butt Joint: Butt Joints are used commonly for tables and chairs but are not really strong for a whole table or chair

2. Which Joint Is Stronger and Why….

I believe the stronger joint is the rebate joint be because the butt joint is only gluing down piece of wood which isn’t supported with anything until you hammer 2 nails in which may make the glued piece of wood fall off and even if it does not fall off there is a very high risk involved using this type of joint and your valuables could get damaged. But with the rebate joint it is a much safer option because you clip on each side which has been cut to a 90° angle and if you don’t believe it is strong enough you can use some glue to make it safer.

3. Outline An Improved Joint That Can Replace These Two.

A joint that could be used to replace the Butt and Rebate Joint is the Dove Joint. As seen in the picture (below), you aim to cut out trapezium type shapes (As many as you will need for the project) and then on another piece of wood preferably the same size you trace an outline of the trapezium shape so the trapezium shapes can be placed nice and snug with the outline part.

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