Tim Tebow

Topics: Florida Gators football, Heisman Trophy, Tim Tebow Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: April 22, 2013
I admire time Tebow because he’s a very giving person, he’s a devout outspoken Christian, he is a great athlete and one of the biggest names in football today. Tim Tebow was born into a Baptist family, in the phillipines while his parents were on a missions trip. His parents raised Tim in a good Christian home, and he has never been ashamed of that. When Tim was younger he was homeschooled, but that didn’t stop him from playing football. He was able to get a law passed in floridia that allowed children who were home schooled to play for the highschool whos district they lived it. His senior year playing highschool ball he lead his team to a state title, and became a major college prospect. He chose to go the University of floridia, and after spending his first year there as a backup, he came back out for his second season and became the first ever sophomore to win the Heisman trophy. He was nominated for the Heisman for the next two years, and broke many other records at his university, and in the ncaa. By the end of his college career Tebow held 5 NCAA, 14 SEC, and 28 University of Floridia records, including being the SEC’s all time leader in career passing efficiency, completion percentage, passing TD to interception ratio, rushing yards by a quarterback, rushing touchdowns ( any position ), and total touchdowns responsible for. While Tebow was still in school at the Univ. of Floridia he along with some other students started the First and 15 program, which went on to raise money for Uncle Dicks orphanage in the phillipines ( an orphanage founded by his fathers nonprofit association, they also helped to raise money for Shands Hospital pediatric cancer center in gainsville, and they paid for a Disney trip for disadvantaged children. Coach Urban Meyer said “Tim Tebow made volunteering time and raising money for worthwhile causes fashionable on our campus”, also while he was at the university of floridia, he made many trips back to the phillipines with his...
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