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Topics: Music, Abstract art, Resonance Pages: 2 (405 words) Published: October 4, 2011
Video Responses : Tim Hawkinson
Art Appreciation

What did you know about Tim Hawkinson?
Tim Hawkinson was born in San Francisco in 1960. He graduated from San Jose State University and got MFA at the University Of California. He love music, that's why most of his creation was music product, for example Drip and Uberorgan. He also like something abstract. He usually make an abstract art and combine it with science. Describe a piece that Tim Hawkinson did and what do you like and didn't like bout it. Drip is one of Tim Hawkinson's popular art. He got inspired from rain drop that fell to the bucket and create a great sound, so h made it. He didn’t want just random drips; he wanted something that really felt like something we could dance to, something choreographed-sounding. So he ended up making this almost computerized abacus. It was a machine that was sort of a drumming machine. It generated different rhythmic patterns. It was hooked up to solenoid valves and each time the valve was triggered, it would allow a drip to drop into a bucket, creating a resonant ‘plop’. Each bucket had its totally different resonance, so it was a kind of sound piece. It's made from plastic. He just twisted it up and it was just this free formed, really random pattern that occurred. And so he was interested in exploring that or trying it out on different scales. And he think it’s important to use with the different thicknesses of plastic, different heaviness, to get these different patterns. I like the sound of the drip, it's unique and I it's like drum's sound which I like. Things that I didn't like is the shape. It's too abstract, will be better if it look like a cloud or something that abstract but good-looking. Drip shape is freak me out, it's like giant spider web or something.

What do you think possible meaning of the piece you just describe? I think, what he mean with grip is, that anything could be an art. Even rain drop, can produce beautiful...
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