Tim Burton

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Have any of you seen "Edward Siccorhands"? "The Corpse Bride"? "The Nightmare Before Christmas"? Or perhaps "Beetlejuice"? These quirky and unuaslly fantastic movies were all directed, produced, and filmed by Tim Burton. His strand imagination is what draws people to his films, and keep him standing out from the rest of the film workers of his time. Through his talents he has made his name known as a passionate, and hard worker. He almost always uses the same actors, take for emaple Johnny Depp, Danny DiVito, or (his wife) Helena Bonham Carter.

Born August 25, 1958, Timothy Burton (Tim burton for short) he grew up in Burbank, California with a mother who own a cat-themed gift shop. tim was said to have been a bad student in his preteen years, but he found his pleasure in painting, drawing, and film making. He made his first short film using a "stop motion" film technique on an old film camera. His real carreer started when he graduated from CalArts with his success of a short film called "Stalk of the Celery Monster". This short film of his (used as his graduating film) caught the eye of Walt Disney's Productions' animation studio, who offerd Tim Burton a job. He worked as a storyboard and concept artist on familiar films such as "The Fox and the Hound", "The Black Cauldren", and a more recent "Tron".

Tim Burton has been known for more than just his films. He is also known for his artwork. Tim Burton is widely recognized for his painting, sketching, stories and abstract sculptures. He has been awarded for his number of exhibitions in fine art museums. I have attended one, at the Los angles Museum of Modern Art, in 2011. He has recieved 3 emmey awards, 7 nominations, and has been honored for his Lifetime acheivment, and unique interpretation of horror and fantasy. He has also made a number of childrens toy and clothing lines, and is an insperation and presents a large effect on movie making today. He has made over 16 full feature films and countless pieces...
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