Tim Burton

Topics: Tim Burton, Emotion, Low-key lighting Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Tim Burton the director with a dark-mystical style. With every one of his movies you will surely drift off into a world that is unknown to human being’s but is known to the believers. Director Tim burton uses frequent low key lighting and a combination of emotional sad relaxing music to capture the audiences attention. Director Burton uses his unique elegant style of framing, lighting and camera movements to accomplish his dark cinematic films.

Director Tim Burton has an amazing choice of framing and angles, that combine and blend in perfectly. The film where we can see this take place is in “Edward Scissor Hands”. We saw real close up shots to mid range shots according to the scene. Close up shots give the character or characters certain mood this is one of the Director Burton's many tool’s to capture the audiences attention.

Director Tim Burtons like in many of his movies captures the audience's attention by introducing soft, dark music to generate viewers imagination. Music is a tool that is brilliant to use. It blends the characters emotions and helps the viewer feel like part of the scene. Adding mood, and sometimes even humor to the scene.

“Charlie and the chocolate factory”.Charlie Bucket a poor young lad is lucky enough to obtain one of the tickets to a trip to the most amazing chocolate factory in the world.

Burton uses special effects and visual tricks to create sights that have never been seen before. Director Tim Burton uses his style of low low key lighting to add a tense mood to scenes and film. As seen on “Earth Scissor Hands”. a Cyborg abandoned by a millionaire who lived alone in a creepy mansion. The setting of “Edward Scissor Hands” home is a dark low key giving “Edward Scissor Hands” a certain characteristic that is not seen in those who live with the city.

In the film “Corpse Bride” all of the mentioned methods are put in act and used, in the film “Corpse Bride” a animated dark film low key lighting where Director Tim...
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