Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

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  • Published : February 28, 2008
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Upstairs and Downstairs Joined
In Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, produced in 2005 by 3 Miles Studios directors Tim Burton and Mike Johnson give a love story a dark and sinister side. Tim Burton is very well known for his creation of unusual worlds and even more unique characters that populate them. Corpse Bride is brought to life with the use of character detail and dark viruses light effect. Tim Burton's film tells the story of two different families brought together by an arranged marriage. Victor and Victoria are to be married but in a panic Victor runs for the hills. In a grave misunderstanding Victor proposes to the Corpse Bride. Victor soon finds himself traveling to the Corpse Bride's home, the afterlife. Victor learns that the dead seem to be more alive and easygoing than the nineteenth century Victorian society that he was raised. Even though Victor is able to be himself in the afterlife, he is drawn back to his true love, Victoria. They are married and the Corpse Bride is set free to move on to the true afterlife. Tim Burton's careful, creative design of the characters bring out the story and elements that he wanted to make most obvious. Over two-hundred puppets had to be created and they all had to look like they belonged to the same world. Through the close detail, the viewer can see the character's emotions and thoughts with very little dialogue. Even in today's world of computer graphics, Tim Burton uses model animation which adds a nice touch of roughness. The use of model animation gives each character a very unique, special look and movement. The light and dark effect plays the biggest role in the film. The living world's morbidness is greater than the dead world's. The scene and the characters give off a dark and grayish look. Free from the restrictions like the land of the living, the dead world has a graceful yet scary appeal. The afterlife is portrayed as a party place full of laughter and free spirits. Even the...
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