Tim Adams

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Tim Adams
March 21, 2013

In the American society there are plenty of friends, but there is also the fair share of rivalries. There are also times where friendships turn into rivalry due to sequence of events. This is a common feat especially if two friends are competing for the same goal and one achieves it and the other does not. The higher the completion the worse the ending of the friendship can be. Even in America’s highest office this can happen. The most famous friendship between competing Presidents is the John Kennedy and Richard Nixon. This is especially unlikely seeing how they have completely opposite lives and lifestyles. These two human-beings had a similar goal, however everything else in their lives are completely opposite.

John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon had different life-styles, but there were some events in their lives that were a like. The biggest similarity between the two former Presidents was to become the President in 1960. Even though they had a long road to this they both knew that, that is what they wanted. Obviously, this could not be the fate of both men, but it is what the two really wanted in life. They started out there political careers the same year and same department. They were both elected into congress in 1947, the surprise of their elections were however different. Kennedy was the favorite going for his seat, but on the other hand Nixon was a surprise winner. Their friendship started really early in congress when they first met in the labor and education department within the United States of America Congress. Their roads however to the head to head battle in 1960 were different. Even though Kennedy did end up beating Nixon in the 1960 Presidential Election they both still were President at some point in time. That is another major commonality that the two men shared. Again, the events and the reputation that they both held while in office are different there were still some events and thoughts...
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