Tim's Coffee Shoppe

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  • Published : August 7, 2012
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Rebecca Byrd
Unit 7 Assignment

Tim’s Coffee Shoppe should look into Honduras for future procurement of coffee beans. Not only are the coffee beans grown there are great tasting, but Honduras as a whole has been making strides to being a major player in the coffee industry. For years Honduras has been selling its coffee beans by smuggling it to Guatemala, where it is sold to huge companies such as Starbucks. (Guerrero, J. 2011). By directly dealing with a grower in Honduras, Tim could possibly attract Starbucks customers by having a similar taste. Tim should research partnership companies such as Microloan Coffee. This company deals with small, local growers in Honduras. He can select a grower that would best serve the needs of Tim’s Coffee Shoppe and know that by doing so he is helping their local economy as well. Honduras is a developing nation where a large part of the country depends on the coffee industry, especially during harvest time. By partnering with a company such as Microloan Coffee, Tim can ensure great tasting quality coffee that is actually helping people directly at the grow source. Honduras is also taking steps in taking care of its environment through regulations such as The National Environmental Impact Assessment System (SINEIA). Through this regulation, many environmental impacts are assessed and researched in the best interest of the environment. Furthermore, there is “an Agreement since 2002 for the development, strengthening, and harmonization of the environmental assessment systems, which establishes the technical guidance that each country must adapt to its own reality and condition.” (Alva, J. Medina, C. 2011) Honduras is also trying to pass environmental laws to further protect the environment to maximize development and wellbeing of the country for future generations. The marketing strategy Tim could use is pretty simple. He can develop a marketing strategy around the new partnership with a company such...
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