Tilt-Up Panel Construction

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Tilt-Up Panel Construction
Building Technology 245 – Assignment 1
Nicholas Perry

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Background
3.1 Current Use
3.2 Advantages and Disadvantages
3.0 Construction
4.3 Casting Process
4.4 Installation/Tilt-Up Process
4.5 Connections
4.6.1 Panel-To-Panel
4.6.2 Panel-To-Slab
4.6.3 Panel-To-Suspended Slab
4.0 Design Considerations
5.6 Materials (Concrete)
5.7 Reinforcement
5.8 Specialised Hardware
5.9 Rigging
5.10 Finishes
5.11 Design Documentation
5.0 Rules and Regulations
6.12 Australian Standards
6.13 Occupational Health and Safety
6.0 Conclusion
7.0 Reference List

1.0 Introduction

This report is based on the method of use of precast concrete tilt-up panels used in everyday construction throughout the world. Being building technique that is becoming increasingly popular in project works, it is relevant to research and develop further understanding in such a field. The report contains information gathered from sources updated within the past 5 years, so is very up to date . The information provided is solely based on primary and secondary research, gained predominantly from the Curtin Library Catalogue and other Databases, and also comprises of information from sources such as Company Reviews and Internet Reports. A reference list is also provided at the back of the report.

2.0 Background

What is a Tilt-Up Panel? The Australian Government’s Comcare in Construction gives the description: “Tilt-up wall panels and precast concrete construction is where concrete structures are processed ahead of their intended use and erected as part of a structure by lifting them by crane into their final position”. The castings can either be constructed and set on site, or cast in another location and transported to site.

The tilt-up method first came into use around the 1940’s, and became more commonly used post World War II. This was due to the introduction of mobile cranes, the introduction of ready mix concrete into the building and construction industry, and also due to the boom in construction after the war was over, with the need for big factories and other industrial buildings needing rebuilding or replacing. Since this early era, the tilt-up industry has only grown, and has become one of the most efficient ways of building.

2.1Current Use

The most noticeable nations to have a large use of tilt-up methods are Australia, Canada, USA and Mexico. These countries are using tilt-up evermore frequently, and in the US, some states have tilt-up panels used in up to 75% of commercial construction, and in Australia, up to 12% of industrial structures nationwide. The Australian Standards have set rules and regulations regarding the ways in which tilt-up construction is to be fashioned, which are outlined further in the report.

2.2Advantages and Disadvantages

As with any form of building, there are cases of positive and negative when determining choice of building procedure.

Advantages of using tilt-up paneling include reasonably quick installation and construction process, the finish type chosen (generally a smooth finish) is easy to gain consistency over the whole structure, there are little restrictions when dealing with shapes of panels when casting, and concrete panels/slabs have a very good resistance to fire. They also allow buildings to be constructed closer together when needed, and the concrete strength is great for durability of the structure, with regards to aging and vandalism.

With little disadvantages, tilt-up sees a high cost involved. This can vary from job to job, city to city, country to country, but generally is not a cheap process due to the need for heavy lifting machinery (cranes).


The first step in constructing a project using the panels is the pouring and casting of the...
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