Till Death Do Us Part

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Till Death Do Us Part

“.‘I hate divorce,’ says the LORD God of Israel.” (Malachi 2:16, New International Version) This verse reinforces this writer on his stand that Awiyao should never leave or divorce Lumnay. Furthermore, the following are sufficient and justifiable grounds for Awiyao to preserve his marriage with Lumnay: 1) Awiyao and Lumnay dearly love each other that nobody can be a replacement in their hearts, 2) Awiyao would be unfair to Madulimay if he marries her just to beget a child, and 3) it is not established who between Awiyao and Lumnay is infertile which leaves Awiyao to uncertainty to a guaranteed offspring through another marriage. First and foremost to note is that Awiyao and Lumnay’s marriage did not spring out from carnal relationship. Theirs can be traced back from their enthralling history of courtship and love from the time they first met at the spring when Lumnay had made Awiyao drink water from her coconut shell. Their love for each other is so grandeur that as much as possible they don’t want to divorce anymore because for them no one could take the role of a spouse except themselves and it will be hard for them to move on with their respective new life if they separate. In addition, Awiyao should take heed on Lumnay’s words that now she is useless, she must die. These are words of a person with suicidal tendency and with Awiyao’s undying love for Lumnay, he must abort this tragedy to strike on Lumnay by remaining a husband to her. By remaining in each other’s arms, immense heartbreak and sufferings will be prevented. Their love for each other will triumphantly conquer all their adversities in life. Secondly, Awiyao has so much reservation in marrying Madulimay because for him, “Madulimay can never become as good as Lumnay.” It was true love that bound Awiyao and Lumnay, and unlike with Madulimay’s, it would only for the desire to have a child. It would be unfair to Madulimay if she’ll be taken as a wife for child-bearing...
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