Tiler Industries Case

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Tiler Industries Case

Tiler Industries is a manufacturer of industrial tools and equipment. This company had a lot of problems that make them to loss a big customer (SRW installation at Phoenix Engineering) that would have gain $12 million from them. Some of the problems they had were: * Too much lead time (4 months)

* Did not pay attention to what all the competitions were doing * No new inventions of tools and equipment, only minor modifications The reason why Eastern Star win this big customer was not about low price because Tiler Industries has low price and it was not about quality because Tiler Industries was categorize with good quality for their products but it was because they resolve fast, they had what their customer wanted. They had a lead-time of 2 months instead of 4; they were studying all the competitors’ moves (Tiler was only studying and copying Acton Tools moves), Eastern Star had the advantage of improving their products and innovating products that was not in the market. Some solutions Tiler Industries can apply:

* Listen to the customer see what they want and how they want it so you can improve your product or create a new one with all the requirements * Reduce your lead time by hiring more employees or by producing half of the product and then just finish it when the customer place the order * Be more aggressive in the innovation/technology area, have more information about it and see how you can improve your products and make them better * Not only study one company but all of them. Specially Eastern Star now that you know they have new products all the time and have a good customer in their hands
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