Tiger Mother

Topics: Childhood, Parenting, Parenting styles Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Reading Tiger Mother, I couldn’t help but laugh and smile the whole time. Chua and my parents have the same parenting philosophy. The strict Chinese parenting style is not only restricted to the Chinese. It’s more of the Asian culture as a whole. My parents are Filipino and they had mostly the same parenting styles as Chua. I went through and have shared experiences with Chua’s daughters Sophia and Lulu and am definitely supportive in the strict parenting style.

Like Chua, my parents expected the very best out of me. Anything less was not acceptable. Asian parents ultimately want the best for their children. They expect the best because they believe anything is possible if you try hard enough. Like in the book, Chua mentioned how Western parenting may just be satisfied with an outcome even if it’s not the best because they believe that their children have tried their best. Asian parents think that if their child doesn’t achieve the best possible outcome, it’s because they didn’t try enough. It’s the high expectations that Asian parents have that distinguishes them from western parenting styles. People wonder why Asians are so smart and elite, it’s because they were raised to that expectation.

Having this strict parenting style is definitely an advantage in my opinion. From anyone from the outside looking in, Chua may have seemed like a mad woman. From personal experience, it’s not really as it seems. The strict Asian parenting style pushes the children to reach to their fullest potential. It teaches the children to succeed in various aspects of life. If the parents were not strict to begin with, the child may not be as successful as they could have been because nothing is expected of them. At the same time I’m not saying that having other parenting styles doesn’t help children succeed, but rather the strict Asian philosophy is more apt to it. From my experience of course I hated my strict parents. I never liked staying after school doing homework for just...
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