Tiger Conservation in India

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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How To Save The Tiger population In India & Tiger Conservation The news is out and it is very loud, the Indian tiger is in grave danger.  There are only 1411 Indian tigers left and we do not take severe measures to save them there is a possibility our kids would never grow to see an Indian tiger in real.  Awareness on how to save Indian tiger is must in the current scenarios. Some of the ways you can save an Indian tiger are mentioned below: 1. Create awareness

The indian tiger is in danger and only excessive awareness programs can save the species. Everybody can help if they did their part. You could help as well, all you have to do is make posters or fliers illustrating about the significance of tigers on the planet earth. 2. Educating the people

The people who do the most harm to the forests are those living nearby them. They need to be educated about the significance of tigers to if they wish to see  the Eco system balanced. If there will be no tigers then we will not find any grass on our planet because all the there will nobody to stop the grass eating animals from eating all the grass. 3.  Discourage poaching:

Hunting of tigers is banned because selling tiger skin or any other body parts is the biggest reason why indian tigers are going extinct. If you know somebody who is involved in indian tiger hunting then it is your duty to report the officials. 4. Support a cause

If you see a program running to save the indian tiger, you should take part in it and support their cause. You could also start your own blog on how to save the indian tiger, it will really educate the people. 5. Take an eco tour

If you really want to save the indian tigers then an eco tour is must for you. Eco tour really helps the people in understanding the significance of tigers. These are some of the simplest ways you can adopt to save the Indian tiger from becoming extinct.
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