Tiger Beer Ad Campaign

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Question 1.
What do you think have been the marketing communications and advertising objectives of Asia Pacific Breweries for Tiger Beer from 1932-2008? ➢Tiger Beer, more than a beverage- a Brand
Beer being a beverage that cannot be differentiated very much one from the other, usually focuses on advertising Tiger Beer as a brand more than as a drink. Hence, the focus of the marketing communications and advertising efforts of Asia Pacific Breweries for Tiger Beer from 1932-2008 was to build awareness of the brand, brand loyalty and brand image.

The main focus of Tiger Beer was on product advertising, ensuring that tiger beer maintained a competitive edge over the other existing brands (competitive advertising) in the market as well as to remind consumers of the image of the brand (reminder advertising). Tiger beer has been using two main modes of communication:

Apart from these two, tiger beer also uses:
1.New media (Internet- Webpages/ Twitter)
2.Having platforms for budding artists to perform (Tiger Translate) 3.Brewery exhibitions (Tiger Live)
Over the years of advertising, Tiger Beer has focused mainly on communicating the idea of “winning” to its consumers, identifying Tiger Beer as a brand for winners.

Looking Different and Standing Out
Furthermore, Tiger Beer has tailored its packaging and logo to attract its target consumers. The Tiger Beer logo (as shown below), uses gold as the main colour. The reason why gold was chosen was due to its significance to Asian/Chinese culture to signify prosperity and riches. To further bring out the idea of prosperity and riches, the alphabet “g” in the logo is made to look like the number “8” because in Chinese custom, the letter “8” read in Chinese sounds like the word “Fa” which means to gain riches. On top of that, the packaging of the beer didn’t loose sight of the winning and prosperity theme that Tiger Beer had, using more gold fonts. To make Tiger Beer stand out from other beers in the industry, the packaging used was chosen to be in blue, unlike the green of Carlsberg and Heineken.

What should be the appropriate marketing communication and advertising objectives from 2008 onwards? Why? ➢Keeping relevant with the times- Beyond 2008
Moving forward from 2008, Tiger Beer should continue to focus on building awareness as well as brand loyalty. Beer being a beverage, has multiple substitutes and therefore it is important to continually attract new consumers as well as keep the existing ones.

However, Tiger Beer’s approach may have to be different from before as people become more educated and demand more from marketing. In my opinion, Tiger Beer should continue to focus on having “winning” as the main theme, however their advertisements could gear more towards winning in career rather than, like in the past, winning by “saving the damsel in distress” (mid-1990s, “give that man a Tiger” advertisements). The company should focus on modern man appeal since beer is a masculine drink, so as to not loose its relevance and appeal.

Challenges beyond 2008
Some complications that Tiger Beer may face is the rise in cost of brewing its beer, due to the rise in prices of hops (conical green flowers that acts as a preservative as well as add flavor and aroma to the beer). This was due to the decrease in supply of hops as well as an increase in the demand for hops in 2008. This may force Tiger Beer to increase the prices of their beer if they come to a point where they can no longer absorb the increase in costs. In such a case, according to the law of demand, as price increases, demand for Tiger Beer would decrease. Tiger Beer would then have to advertise to minimalise the lost in total revenue, due to a drop in consumption. In such a case, in my opinion, Tiger Beer should focus on increasing the perceived value of the beer, so that consumers will overlook the price increase and be willing to pay more for a bottle of...
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