Tiffany Fields, in the Article “Today Care or Not Today Care: That Is the Question” Answer a Lot of Question

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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To Be or Not Be Child Day Care

I think that the research done by Tiffany fields, in the article “Today care or not today care: that is the question” answer a lot of question I had about daycare. does early child  day care help with the social and development of an infant, is it really a step in the game, or is it just a waste of time for children to be in daycare from such a young age? Fields, conducts studies from early age on “quality infant day-care and grade school behavior and performance” which I find interesting and informative. What is interesting to me was how she started the research at such a young age, with the children as young as 6 months. To prove that early child care is important, for social and child development, which proves to be a great start in an infant’s life.   Her studies followed the kids who participated all throughout daycare, and grade school. I personally think it was smart to see if you imply early child education and early behavior development will the training  continue to be a routine, a structure they build for life, or was it just a waste of time? For the looks of it, it’s not. Study shows how well full timer children did around others. The full timer didn’t look for comfort in teachers showed positive emotion than part timers children did. Who’s to think that a few hours can change a child’s behavior. She also had better results with early child care children, which now I wonder about myself.  I never attended daycare. Is this why I have a harder time in school and I’m not confident about any work I do. Fields also found how kids that spent more time in a daycare are less depressed. I would ask if this is true but her research shows it is. I just wish that that Tiffany and her colleagues would have incorporated the study with children who didn’t attend high-quality day care. I guess this is a question that will go unanswered by field’s studies which will keep me thinking. What if a child that didn’t attend a high-quality...
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