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Islamic Banks V/S Conventional banks
Islamic Banks are operating in the same society where conventional banks are operating and Perform all those functions which are expected from a financial institutions. Here I’ll analyze operations and products of Islamic bank in comparison to conventional banks. Any of the financial institution provide following two services. First is Savings mobilization from savers to entrepreneurs and second is Provision of general utility services including transfer of funds, facilitation in international trades, consultancy services, safekeeping of valuables, and any other service for a fee. There is no restriction on provision of such services by Islamic Banks as for the service is not against the Sharia. However there exists difference in mechanism of funds mobilization from savers to entrepreneurs as described following. Savings mobilization consists of two phases’ i.e. accepting deposits and extending financing and investments. Deposits:

Deposits are collected from savers under both type of institutions for reward irrespective a bank is operating under conventional system or Islamic system. The difference lies in agreement of reward. Under conventional system reward is fixed and predetermined while under Islamic deposits are accepted through Musharaka and Mudaraba, where reward is variable. Under conventional banking return is higher on long-term deposits and lower for short-term deposits. Same is the practice in Islamic banking to share profit with depositors. Higher weight for profit sharing is assigned to long-term deposits being available to bank for investing in longer term projects yielding superior returns and lower weight for short-term deposits which cannot be invested in long term projects. The only difference in conventional and Islamic system lies in sharing of risk and reward. Under conventional system total risk is born by the bank and total reward belongs to it after servicing the depositors at fixed rate while...
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