Tiffany & Co Case Study

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Tiffany Case Study


Tiffany was founded in September 18, 1837 and for about 170 years, the brand has been successfully opening several stores and establishing the brand as the top place to buy fine jewelry of high quality. The brand has been dedicated to provide their customers with original designs as well as the ultimate in-store experience. They know that their customers expect nothing less than top quality in jewelry and services and Tiffany’s has done just that for the past fifty-three years when Charles Lewis bought the company and named it as Tiffany & Company. The company mission and values evolves more than creating fine, high quality jewelry, in fact the company believes that their products are treasures that will be kept in people’s family for generations to come. To gain customers loyalty, Tiffany & Co invests in quality, excellence and trust. CEO Mike Kowalski affirms that most of its Tiffany & Co success comes from their philosophy that the company has an obligation regarding its products quality and has never been elitist. In fact the company claims to always have had democratic stores in which everyone is allowed inside, there are no doorman or locked doors. The company translates humility in recognizing that Tiffany & Co is an American Brand and for that is part of its country history.

Situation Analysis
What does Tiffany's growth strategy (growth without compromise) mean?

Tiffany & Co. marketing strategy has been called “Growth without Compromise” I believe that this strategy comes from the idea that as explained in the case “at all costs, the Tiffany brand must be protected from dilution, poor quality, and anything that would hurt its reputation or credibility" (Darden Business Publishing, University of Virginia. "Tiffany and Company", page 8)." Meaning that its ok to open more stores as long as the company and its name does not get hurt or damaged in the way, not only in terms of its...
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