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TiTiffany & Co. is a case in point
The Tiffany & Co. brand name and blue box are the primary branding elements for this retailer. Both of these branding elements act as powerful mental anchors for a set of associations that foster compelling rational, emotional and symbolic value for customers and other stakeholders. These associations represent the Tiffany & Co. brand in the minds of its customers. For Tiffany & Co., its marketing communications play an important role in its branding efforts. However, every aspect of the marketing mix plays an equally valuable role in fostering branding effects in the minds of its customers and other stakeholders: * The Tiffany product line is defined by jewelry of the highest quality and most glamorous collections created by the brand’s groundbreaking designers at price points to match * Tiffany stores are situated in premium, high street locations in major urban centers around the globe * Every aspect of the store designs conveys a distinctive and contemporary sophistication and elegance * Tiffany service is in a class of its own and has been purposefully designed to be the perfect accompaniment to the high quality and glamorous product-line and the sophisticated and elegant store experience. As this example illustrates, the goal of Tiffany’s branding is to build its brand. It’s goal is to nurture the desired set of associations in the minds of its customers and other stakeholders, linked to the company, and its products and services, through its name, logo and other branding elements, that provides them with a compelling promise of value.
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