Tidal Energy

Topics: Tidal power, Tide, Peak oil Pages: 3 (714 words) Published: November 2, 2010
*75% of the planet's surface consits of water. Our water supply transformed a barren planet into a lush green garden of life with a multitude of biodiversity. Water has easily fufilled our every need in many ways. As we near the twentyfirst century, a time when public attention is focused on the environment and society is increasing at an ever accelerating rate, the energy crisis continues to burden us. Questions of what to do about increasing energy demands and future requirements haunt our thoughts. The possibilities of utilizing the power of the oceans by pollution free Tidal Power generation is most attractive. Tidal Power has been used to limited extent over several centuries but only recently has any significant effort been put forth to realizing its vast potential. *


Tidal energy works from the power of changing tides. Tidal changes in sea level can be used to generate electricity, by building a dam across a costal bay or estuary with large differences between low and high tides. The high tides allow emense amounts of water to rush into the bay. The gates of the dam then shut when water level is at its maximum height. Holes in the bottom of the dam let water (at great speed and pressure) to rush past turbines. The flow of water generates enough power to turn the turbines which creates electricity. The entire process repeats with each high tide. Two current technologies which are used to harness the kinetic energy of tidal flow: 1) Drag Devices Water wheels:

• insufficient compaired to other modes of generation
• blade speed can not exceed that of the current
2) Lift Devices Turbines:
• wind mill technology applied to liquid environment
• more efficient then drag devices
• refined propeller achieves speeds several times faster then the current


Tidal power has on a small scale been used throught the history of mankind. It was not until the...
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