Tickets Please

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In the piece Tickets Please, by D.H. Lawrence, the narrator uses syntax to create an arrogant tone in the characterization of John Thomas. In the second sentence the reader learns that John Thomas pays each time, but then receives the information that he is paying so that his date, could be but compliant. This additional information added to the sentence does not move the plot forward, but rather allows the reader to learn that John Thomas likes his dates to be yielding. In the next sentence the tool syntax is once again used when the narrator inserts the appositive “of course” after referring to John Thomas. This enhances the arrogant tone surrounding Mr. Thomas. The diction “of course” is once again used in syntax that enhances John Thomas’ arrogance when the narrator begins a sentence with “But of course John Thomas was not going to sit discretely.” By starting two consecutive sentences with the use of “of course” the reader is left with the perception that John Thomas assumes that things will go his way. To increase the effect of establishing the tone of arrogance, the narrator also uses imagery by providing details of the wooden horses they are riding and putting the characters in motion. By providing elements like “holding the brass bar” and “round they spun and heaved, in the light” the reader is able to clearly imagine the characters and this imagery increases the effect of the use of syntax to establish the portrayal of John Thomas.
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