Tickets Order System

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Tickets Order System

This research project addresses the development an interactive online website for booking concert tickets using techniques listed in the book Systems Analysis and Design (Kendall & Kendal, 2011) with respect to design recommendations and Microsoft Office Project Step by Step (Chatfield& Johnson, 2007). The intention of this website is to upgrade and start a new ticket order system considered outdated and obsolete. Out dated methods like purchasing tickets over the phone or going to a line in a ticket office. The recommended system also represents an easy, simple, effective and pleasant user experience.

Table of contents
2 Abstract 5 Problem definition 6 Issues 7 Objectives 8 Requirements 10 Constraints 11 Description of the proposed system 12 Logical model design 13 Specific requirements, 14 System and database design 15 Data design 16 System architecture design 18 Project plan 19 Project tasks summary: 20 Project Summary 21 References

Problem definition
1.Concert tickets ordering systems are obsolete and do not support increasing customer numbers and requirements. 2.Due to an increased number of concert tickets orders especially from regular customers, it has become difficult to track their preferences, enhance the process speed and improve customer service. 3.It is required that the concert tickets order systems are modernized and a customer preferences tracking system is implemented to track regular customers. 4.It is required the systems are upgraded in order to facilitate the acquisition of tickets by the customer. 5.Currently the process is very slow which can have created and increasing amount of complaints from the customers. 6.The current system requires too much information from the customer creating a long process to enter the order and billing information. 7.The system needs to deal with financial transactions when customers buy tickets, issues managing banking and payment systems and how the online ticket sales systems interact with the different systems available exists.

1.Determining overall concert ticket selection is ineffective without customer feedback. 2.The ticket purchase wait times have increased at the concert centers after an increase of concert customers numbers have increased due to the quality of concerts presented. 3.On location point of sale, machines and booth systems...
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