Tich Miller Essay

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Humiliation Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: April 1, 2013
“Tich Miller” is a poem by Wendy Cope about bullying, vulnerability and lack of self-esteem. Both Tich and Tubby are unpopular and bully victims because of their lack of psychical skills and their appearance. Especially Tich Miller is odd-looking; “Tich Miller wore glasses with elastoplast-pink frames and had one foot three sizes larger than the other”1. The two girls are always the last to be chosen in sports, which fills them with humiliation; “We avoided one another’s eyes stooping, perhaps, to re-tie a shoelace or affecting interest …”2. Despite them both being bullied, being the last ones standing and growing up together, the girls are not friends. They do not associate themselves with each other. Tich was always the last one to be picked. This is a very important fact because the poem ends with one singular line; “Tich died when she was twelve”3. It gives the reader a shocking effect, and makes you think about the consequences of bullying. Tich seems more vulnerable compared to Tubby, which is also shown through her drastic decision to end her life. Tubby and Tich are in many ways similar. What separates the two girls from each other is strength and will. To be a bully victim is uncontainable, but to be more or less vulnerable is a matter of will. Tubby stood up for her self and refused to be bullied. Tich died when she was twelve.

1, Stanza 1, lines 1-2
2, Stanza 2, lines 5-12
3, Last stanza
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