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Topics: Systems Development Life Cycle, Waterfall model, Implementation Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: July 6, 2011
Company Background
An originally owned Finnish company, Timberjack was the world’s leading manufacturer of heavy equipment for the professional logger, with an overall market share of 25%. In 1995, Timberjack had 1,600 employees, generated sales of 627 MM USD and a net profit of 88 MM USD.

Industry Background

In the past the forests were cut manually using the chain saws, and the cut logs were taken out of the forest using horses. The logs were cut as per the requirements manually. But in the twentieth century this started transitioning, and in 1960-1990s there was surge in the use of machinery in forest cutting, loading etc. Timberjack, Blount, Caterpillar, John Deere, and Valmet were the companies providing machinery for cutting forests. Timberjack was the company catering to the 25% of the market share.

Product Offering
As the old manual chain saw methods for cutting trees were disappearing, feller bunchers, skidders, delimbers and log loaders were used instead. Timberjack provided a variety of heavy equipment that served the new method of cutting trees. The price of these equipment was well attached to pulp and lumber prices which in turn are highly dependent on the on the overall strength of the economy

Timberjack follows a series of steps to select and decide its future manufacturing software package. The process is straightforward, which goes through DFP, vendor list, narrow down vendor list, site visit and implementation consulting for the final two vendors. Basically, Timberjack is taking one step after another throughout the processes. While it might not be a perfectly precise analogy of system development life cycle, it does share characteristics with the traditional waterfall model of SDLC (system development life cycle).

A typical process of traditional SDLC is usually comprised of the following steps: 1. Project planning, feasibility study
2. Systems analysis, requirements definition
3. Systems design
4. Implementation
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