Tibet Through Chinese Eyes

Topics: Tibet, People's Republic of China, Yuan Dynasty Pages: 3 (809 words) Published: August 8, 2009
Tibet through Chinese Eyes

You must have heard about all sorts of tales about Chinese invasion of Tibet or the sympathy towards Tibet’s independent movement spread in western media. The pro-Tibet separatists act radically under the shielding of hostile westerners who even don’t know where Tibet is located geographically, not to say the long aged Chinese sovereignty of Tibet, the strenuous efforts of Chinese government made on developing it and the profound improvements of the Tibetan living standard. Chinese Sovereignty of Tibet

The pro-Tibet groups, claiming “Free Tibet” and behaving out of control, accuse that China has intruded Tibet through armed aggression. However, the matter of fact is that the Chinese sovereignty on Tibet has lasted for 700 years. Why did Chinese army invade China? For those aggressive pro-Tibet advocators, please read the history before jumping to a misleading conclusion.

Since Yuan Dynasty, Tibet has been an autonomous of China. In 1904, Britain sent out a formal instruction classifying Tibet as “a province of Chinese Empire”. In 1911, Republic of China was founded. The first provisional constitution of the new government stipulated that Tibet was part of China’s territory. After that, the prime minister of Indian delivered a speech in 1954, saying “Over the past several hundred years, as far as I know, at no time has any foreign country denied China's sovereignty over Tibet.” Up till now, all historical documents and enacted laws recognize that Tibet is a legal territory of China. To put it simple, Tibet to China is like what California to America. If someday Arnold Schwarzenegger stirred up a war to free California, would the U.S government renounce its sovereignty over California regardless of its meticulous care devoted to developing this state? The answer will be no, since the issue of sovereignty is beyond negotiation, not to mention a territory belonging to a country who has taken care of it for 700 years. Chinese...
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